Girls' Zosia Mamet On Her New 'Do, Beauty Secrets, and Tattoos

Speaking to Zosia Mamet is nothing like a conversation with Girls’ Shoshanna Shapiro would be. While we'd love to spend an evening hanging out with HBO’s “Shosh,” Mamet is more like her character’s much-cooler older sister, if she had one. “Playing her is exciting because I get to do things that I would never do in real life,” Mamet told us. That includes Shoshanna’s variety of kooky up-dos. “Her styles are so elaborate,” Mamet says. “Having your hair super tight with a ton of pins after eight hours? I get headaches. You just want to rip your head off.”

Mamet may be more laid-back than her character, but she does understand a person’s attachment to their locks, which made her recent chop a big decision. “A woman’s hair is such a powerful thing because it can influence how feminine you feel,” she told us. “I was really nervous to cut it.” (More on that in our slideshow.) That risk-taking attitude influences the rest of her beauty aesthetic, too. She’ll rock a makeup-free face and bedhead on the red carpet as often as her signature red lip and slicked-back bun. Did we mention she has a truly unique tattoo and wears a men’s cologne called Mississippi Medicine? Like we said, she’s pretty cool.