5 Beauty Lessons I Learned in 5 Minutes With Zoë Kravitz

Diamonds or pearls; silk or cashmere; Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford—beauty lives on both ends of the spectrum. But it’s a rarer type of attraction when opposites meld, rather than dissent—and Zoë Kravitz is living, breathing proof. Sitting serenely in the makeshift green room at the L.A. launch event for Yves Saint Laurent's new Vinyl Couture Mascara (£25), Kravitz dons a worn-in leather jacket over a tulle dress flecked with delicate glitter stars—an almost too-perfect metaphor for the very juxtaposition that makes her so magnetic. I’m there to pick her brain about all things beauty, but as it turns out, life calls—and by life, I mean a hundred-person audience gathered outside, all waiting for her to perform with her band Lolawolf. Kravitz doesn’t seem flustered or impatient, however. Strangely enough, there’s an undeniable air of calm in the tiny room—even though there are at least eight people crammed inside its walls, even though you can hear the buzz of the crowd swelling outside, even though it’s clear we’ll only have a few minutes to speak.

But the passage of time seems to slow when you’re in Kravitz’s presence. Every answer she shares is introduced with a slight, thoughtful pause, then paired with a slow smile. “I guess I just grew into myself like everybody does,” she muses, when I ask her about her beauty evolution. “You kind of just learn what works on you and what doesn’t.” And isn’t that the simple truth? In the next few minutes, Kravitz schools me on her particular kind of beauty philosophy—one that’s partly glitter, partly classic timelessness. From icons to dream beauty products, keep scrolling for five things I learned in five minutes with Zoë Kravitz.