A Zero-Waste Beauty Routine Isn't Easy, But These Simple Swaps Will Help

It's safe to say we've never been more aware of the impact our lifestyles are having on the environment than we are now. Consequently, the idea of living a zero-waste lifestyle is something we're hearing bandied about the internet more and more. It's a radical concept that in it's most potent iteration will see you padlock your bin shut and vow never to throw anything away again.

Anyone else picturing The Hoarder Next Door right about now? Well, it's less about keeping everything we ever purchase and more about really taking the time to consider each and every purchase we make. Kathryn Kellogg of Going Zero Waste thinks the movement toward a zero-waste lifestyle is a no-brainer. "It just makes sense and puts the power back into the hands of the consumer," she explains. "We can make such an impact on our daily choices and purchases and living a zero waste life is easy, fun, and saves tons of money! It's also great for the planet. Why wouldn't you want to be apart of it?" Her enthusiasm is palpable and got us thinking: Considering the beauty industry plays its fair part in filling the nation's landfills, how can we be a little more responsible with our beauty regimens?

Even if a fully zero-waste lifestyle isn’t for you, keep scrolling for five simple swaps you can make to help reduce the environmental impact of your beauty regimen. Trust us—you won’t even notice anything different from your regular routine.