I'm Pretty Sure I've Never Seen My Eyelashes Look This Good

A good mascara is my jam. Yes, I have fleeting obsessions with different eye shadow palettes, and own approximately 3276 dewy-finish concealers, but the product I hold dearest has to be mascara. And I think I might have just found the one.

It's YSL's new Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils The Curler (£26), a wand so fancy it more than deserves its mega-chic name. Before I explain just why it's so brilliant—and before you make any judgements on whether it might be the mascara for you too—it's helpful to note my specific mascara tastes: I like big, fat, wet mascaras.

You know the ones—they slick on and are quick to clump if you haven't quite developed the knack for them. I like mascara that look lacquered, and that cosset each individual lash with plenty of product. I simply like mega mascaras, and that's exactly what this one is.