No Lie: This Workout Can Stop Migraines and Ease Chronic Pain

For years, yoga was seen as this spiritual thing that hippies did. But thanks to Instagram, yoga has gone mainstream and slowly people are unlocking the many benefits of this ancient practice. While its roots can be traced back to ancient India, its benefits can be felt in the Western world today. Many of those who do yoga regularly are impossibly strong (e.g., they can hold poses like handstands with ease), and the body shape of a yogi is often long and lean. But beyond the aesthetics, yoga can calm the mind (buh-bye, anxiety) and aid digestion. It can increase flexibility and even help reduce the symptoms of a migraine. Here at Byrdie HQ, we're pretty obsessed with yoga, and while we've discussed what it is, the different types of yoga and the best poses for beginners, we thought we'd explore its wonderful and often unexpected health benefits.