Would You Drink Your Beauty Products?

There are certain foods with such powerful beauty benefits—blueberries, olive oil, caffeine—they’ve become common ingredients in topical products like masks and creams. But what about ingredient migration in the opposite direction? Can you max out the benefits of common skincare ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid by consuming them? More and more brands—many out of Asia and slowly making their way stateside—are saying yes, putting topical ingredients in candy, juice, and tea.

If you’re looking for an anti-ageing boost, try Shiseido’s The Collagen ($25). The powder formula is popular in Asia and packs a hefty amount of fish collagen for firmer skin, plus hyaluronic acid and ceramide for hydration. Beauty Scoop’s namesake powder formula ($70) has similar ingredients—collagen and hyaluronic acid—plus peptides, for better hair, nails, and skin is as little a three weeks. For stronger hair and nails try Self Beauty Elixir: a non-carbonated drink from Hansen’s that’s infused with biotin and natural extracts.

‘Collagen candy’ is popular overseas, but you don’t have to change time zones to try it out. BeauyIn’s Beauty Candy B Strong ($14) are sugar-free gummies packed with a cocktail of nutrients like collagen and folic acid that work to repair tissue and aid the growth of hair and nails. Beauty brews with a tea base are even more prevalent. Kusmi’s BB Detox Tea ($20) was inspired by the does-it-all cream. It’s a holistic blend of ingredients like dandelion, grapefruit, mate, and rooibos to brighten and detoxify skin. Or, if you want to de-puff after a night out just brew some of Caudalie’s Draining Herbal Tea ($14): it’s based around the same antioxidants found in the brand’s skincare and helps drain excess fluid from the skin. Which would you try?