Motivational Mind Tricks: How Real Women Get Themselves to the Gym

Even those athleisure-sporting, tea detox–promoting, smoothie-sipping fitness enthusiasts (you know the ones posting sweaty post-Barry's pictures on Instagram and tweeting about their amazing six-mile morning runs) sometimes feel like skipping the gym. No one can be 100% motivated all the time. Which is why celebs pay big bucks to make the gym and its highly motivating instructors come to them. Real people, however, have to rely on good, old-fashioned mind tricks when the motivation is lacking. So, we searched high and low for the best techniques real women have to offer. And by "real women," we mean fitness instructors, health bloggers, and exercise specialists (aka women who know their way around a gym). 

Scroll through for the tactics that make getting to the gym a breeze (or at least breezier).