Screenshot These Winter Nail Ideas for Your Next Trip to the Salon

Shannon Peter

When it comes to winter nails, we don't know about you, but we're kinda done with classic red. We're over chrome-finish polishes, and those chalky matte pastels feel far too summery in these colder climbs. Nope—when it comes to winter nails, we want to look down at our fingertips tapping away at our keyboards and see a cheerful nail design that's fun and chic in equal measure.

For nail ideas, Pinterest has ia wealth of inspiration. From minimalistic nail-art designs to the manicure inspired by the starry night sky (because let's face it, we're going to be seeing a lot more of that as winter really sets in), we've found seven winter nail ideas you'll either want to try yourself or you'll be begging your manicurist to re-create. Keep scrolling for all the nail-art inspiration you could ever need this season.


We're obsessed with Madeleine Poole's hidden manicure designs, in which she paints the underside of the nail. It's the perfect compromise if you're required to have plain nails for work.


Now that our skies are basically grey 24/7, we've got to find other ways to brighten things up a bit, and this manicure with its rainbow dots is sure to do that.


Minimalist nail art may have been on our radar for quite a while, but after seeing this cute white-striped mani, we're still not done with it. Just be sure to arm yourself with a striping brush for the crispest lines.



This is nail art for those of us who weren't blessed with steady hands. Simply coat the nail in clear polish, place on a silver sequin (tweezers are your friend here) and seal in with a plumping top coat.


It may be simple, but this burnt orange shade has got us thinking of autumn's falling leaves and is a much more interesting alternative to run-of-the-mill red. Top the polish off with plenty of cuticle oil for that glossy, manicured finish.


The opposite of those half-moon manis we saw all over Instagram, this one by NYC's coolest nail salon, Paintbox, requires you to leave the cuticle bare. If nothing else, it's a great way of disguising polish that has started to grow out.


We're obsessed with anything to do with the zodiac right now, and so we love these constellation-inspired designs. They're pretty fiddly, so probably one to save for the salon, but if you do want to try your hand, WAH London's Black Nail Art Pen (£7) is the easiest tool we've tried. 

Want more? These nail polishes are sure to match your autumn/winter wardrobe.

Opening Image: Imaxtree

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