3 Times Willa Holland Aced the Slicked-Back 'Do

We’ve had a watchful eye on Willa Holland since her menacing takeover way back on The O.C. Now the star of another hit show, Arrow, Holland's repping a pretty strong beauty game, a look that happens to be super edgy, too. While she didn’t invent the concept of the slicked-back hairdo, she’s certainly one of our favourite celebrities to pull it off. Here are three times we’ve envied Willa’s rock ’n’ roll wet hair. 

Photo: Naj Jamai for Who What Wear
Photo: Maxim
Photo: Malibu Magazine

Want to wear the slicked-back look but don't have the drive to hop in the pool? Combine Living Proof’s Satin Hair Serum ($29) with your favourite styling cream and comb it back. Set hair by using cool air from your hairdryer set on low. Skip the brushing (it will have a hardened texture—that’s normal). Voilà: You have the wet-hair look without catching a cold.

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Opening Image: Naj Jamai