Your 2 Favourite Drinks Are Making Your Nails Split (Yes, Drinks)



It's at this time of year when I find myself looking down and asking myself, Why do my nails keep breaking? After winter months of trying (and failing) to look after my hands, I find that come spring my nails start to look a little withered with the ends splitting at the top. The main culprit? Spring-cleaning. Yes, it is a brilliant excuse to try and get out of doing household chores (no, it hasn't worked for me yet), but it really is one of the main reasons nails start breaking. And you'll find out why in a moment.

But it's not just external factors that can impact the quality of your nails, there are a few other things you might not have realised are causing that annoying peeling thing. No matter how satisfying it might be to pick at them, the truth is that the quality of your nails can give a good indication of the state of your health altogether. However, today we're talking about brittle nails and nails breaking, and the reasons behind that, including the one type of food you need to stop eating. Keep scrolling to discover the five main things that are causing your nails to break.