Why Aren't You Using Aromatherapy Oils?

The beauty industry—like food, architecture, and even fashion—is currently digging all things natural. Skincare brands like Tata Harper and Indie Lee are fuelled by organic farms, while LA-based Beautycounter is trying to revolutionise eco-conscious colour cosmetics. So it’s no wonder it feels like everyone’s suddenly talking about aromatherapy. We hear Donna Karan has a penchant for Young Living’s Thieves Oil ($45) while Eva Chen, Lucky’s Editor-In-Chief, swears by H.Gillerman’s Sleep Remedy ($48).

“Essential oils are very powerful substances extracted from plants that have been evolving for eons,” says H.Gillerman founder and holistic healer Hope Gillerman. “You can use them to process what your mind and body are going through.” That includes calming anxiety, curing jet-lag, soothing your skin, improving circulation, or strengthening both your memory and immune system.

You’ll find seven of our favourite above. Some are applied topically and some take their effect when inhaled—but all smell delicious.