6 Diet Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Weight-Loss Chances


For Love and Lemons

We all know by now that lifting heavy weights is going to add on weight (even if it doesn't add size), but if you're not regularly hitting up the weights area in the gym and you're eating right, drinking plenty of water and generally being "good," then not seeing a downward spiral on the scales can send you into one in real life. But before you throw your scales out the window* and reach for the nearest packet of Oreos or bottle of wine (drastic times…), you may just need to make a couple of small tweaks. We called on Lorna Driver-Davies, a nutritional therapist at London health and well-being club Grace Belgravia and founder of Feel Better Nutrition, who revealed that some of the diet choices we think are healthy are actually wrecking our weight-loss chances. Keep scrolling to find out which six diet mistakes you should stop making today.

*Oh, and those scales: Chuck them in the bin (not out the window). A more reliable way to track your progress is with a tape measure.