8 Things That Are Secretly Making You Hungry (When You Shouldn't Be)

Do you ever find yourself wandering around the kitchen at your office, scavenging for a bag of Kettle chips or a KIND Bar, even though you just ate lunch 45 minutes ago? Why am I still hungry?! you cry hopelessly into the ether, your arms outstretched, your stomach thundering.

I find myself doing this more often than I care to admit, and this isn’t the only circumstance under which I become suddenly, inexplicably famished. The other week, I was neck deep in a late-night Netflix black hole, and even though it was 11 p.m. and I’d already eaten a satisfying dinner, all I wanted to do was munch.

All of this unwelcome hunger inspired me to do a bit of digging. Scientifically, what is the root of this haphazard hanger? To find out, I spoke with a group of trusted nutrition experts who laid out all the reasons people often feel hungry when they shouldn’t. Keep scrolling to learn eight sneaky reasons you always feel so snacky!