Why We Should All Meditate to White Noise



A new-mum friend of mine recently confessed that one of the only things that would get her baby off to sleep was standing in front of the extractor fan. That soothing hum and never-ending whirring was as close as she could get to mimicking the sounds her newborn was used to in her tummy (i.e., the sound of blood rushing around the womb). But it's not just juveniles that can benefit from an earful of white noise. It's been found to help bad sleepers switch off by creating a sort of sound "cocoon," so rather than tuning into one specific noise, it creates a background buzz. This means your brain finds it near impossible to pick out every single sound so it gives up, relaxes, et voilà, you're lulled off into a better sleep and feel calmer in the meantime. Perfect if you're one of those people who finds meditation and "letting thoughts come and go" especially frustrating. We're not all natural born meditators.