If You’re Going to Eat One Thing for Breakfast, Make It This

Most days, our morning routines veer much more on the “rushed and frantic” side of the spectrum than “peaceful and calm.” This leads to us doing things we might later regret—namely, skipping breakfast. You’ve heard it a million times before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why? Because, quite simply, what you fuel yourself with at the start of each day directly affects how you feel and what you crave and eat later on. “We pound coffee on an empty stomach and ride our caffeine high until it eventually crashes down all over us in the late morning,” says Kelly LeVeque, certified nutritionist and founder of Be Well by Kelly. “Starving and dehydrated by lunch, any attempt to keep it healthy goes out the window. We over-order and over-eat, launching ourselves into a food coma, and eventually find ourselves needing another caffeine fix—or, worse yet, the office candy jar—to make it through the day.”

This all hit a little too close to home, so we asked LeVeque a pressing question: If we only had time to eat one thing for breakfast each morning, what should it be? We’ll give you a hint—it’s definitely not cereal. Keep scrolling to find out her answer!