The 7 Secret Foods All Fitness Experts Eat After Working Out

Give yourself a pat on the back—you've just finished an epic session at the gym. But now you're ravenous. So what do you eat after you've been working out? There are many things you might want to eat, but shoving a Mars bar in your mouth post-workout might just make you feel like you're undoing all that good work. And you'd be right. If you don't put the right kind of food in your body, you're not helping it be as strong as possible. 

To help, we've looked to our favourite wellness and fitness influencers, who are more than a dab hand at whipping up delicious concoctions in the kitchen post-exercise. From Shona Vertue to Madeleine Shaw, we've found seven secret foods that these fitness experts always turn to after they've been working out. Plus, we've hunted down the science behind why these foods are just so darn good for you. Some will definitely surprise you.  Keep scrolling for the best food to refuel with after a workout.