Just Skip It: The One Thing You Should Never Eat After a Workout

You've just finished a great workout, and now you're ready for a little fuel. Because you just busted your booty, it's tempting to reward yourself with whatever foods you want. But according to personal trainers, selecting the wrong post-gym meal can undo all the hard work you put in.

As celebrity trainer and fitness model Ashley Guarrasi of Rumble Boxing explains, the goal after a workout is to rehydrate, keep your metabolism up, and "replenish the body's glycogen" (the form of glucose that our body stores in the liver and muscles). But there are certain foods that can actually dehydrate you even more, slow down your metabolism, and inhibit other important functions.

So which specific foods should we avoid post-workout? As it turns out, they're not that intuitive. (In fact, many of these foods seem downright healthy.) So we consulted a host of badass female trainers to help us out. Keep scrolling to learn the best and worst foods to eat after exercising.