7 Things a Gynecologist Wants You to Stop Doing During Your Period



Enduring the monthly pain, bloating and emotionally draining symptoms of a menstrual cycle is hard enough, so being told we can't do the things that seemingly ease our woes when Mother Nature strikes only seems like further punishment. But enticing as it may be to take a deep dive into a bag of potato chips and remain completely stagnant in bed while watching reruns of Sex and the City, these guilty pleasures can be more harmful than we might think. Thus, staying away from such activities (along with other common poor period practices) will benefit us in the long run.

To have the healthiest, most enjoyable period as we possibly can, we researched things we should avoid. Spoiler: Some of these are crutches during our monthly visit, like coffee and sweets, but we only need to go cold-turkey for a week, so no sweat. Ready to improve your reproductive health? Keep scrolling.