How to Always Leave the Salon With the Exact Hair Colour You Want

Learning any language is hard, but learning how to speak the language of a hairdresser is difficult for everyone involved. Have you ever tried to describe the hair colour you want only to be left with a slightly baffled looking hairdresser? (Or what you thought was a clear and descriptive term that actually translates to something completely different?)

In fact, there are so many hairdresser-coined adjectives out there that when it comes to trying to explain what the exact shade and style is that you want to achieve, it's hard for your hairdresser to truly interpret what on earth you actually mean. After all, they describe hair colour every day. We, on the other hand, do not.

Believe me—I've been dyeing my hair pretty much the exact same shade of blonde for around 15 years, and I still struggle to explain what I mean. I've got it down to a "bright and creamy baby blonde" that's not too platinum but not too warm. However, it's taken me years to discover the type of lingo that's hairdresser approved and understood.

We spoke to Jenna Norman, colourist extraordinaire at Hershesons, who provided us with a handy thesaurus of hair colour terms, so you can know exactly what to ask for next time you head to the salon.