A (Very) Honest Discussion About What It's Like to Work in Beauty

Whenever I meet people who work in the beauty industry, I’m always fascinated to hear exactly what brought them to their current position. I’ve met countless editors, brand founders and influencers who were doing something entirely different—often in an entirely different industry—just a few years prior. Every conversation is more eye-opening than the last, and it’s always an inspiring reminder that our careers are as fluid as we’d like them to be. It’s also proof that some of the strongest talents in the business have dipped their toes in a variety of different gigs—all the better to inform a well-rounded approach to their current role.

This industry is both close-knit and sprawling. There are countless sectors and sub-industries, from PR to editorial to product to talent to marketing, yet it’s all fiercely interconnected. Aside from the obvious commonality of the beauty category, I mean this in a very empirical sense: My working theory is that every single person employed in beauty can connect themselves to the next by three degrees of separation or fewer, no matter how different their jobs are.

So with this all in mind, we asked four people who each work in very different roles in the industry to discuss everything from their career trajectories and the ins and outs of their daily jobs, to how they view the beauty business as a whole. If you’ve followed along with our previous roundtable discussions, you’ll notice the format is a little different—because our panelists have such busy daily schedules and live on different coasts, we opted to give each person the same questions to address, to see how their different perspectives stacked up. Keep reading to get their insights.

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