Do 30 Minutes of This Exercise to Burn Nearly 200 Extra Calories a Day


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If your understanding of yoga goes as far as a bit of stretching, this is for you. It can be quite hard to understand what it is, thanks to the many variations of the practice. From hot and Bikram to baby and dog yoga classes, there's so much out there (you can read all about the different types here) that we've decided to break it down and bring it back to basics. Today, we're going to tell you what yoga is, at its core, plus how you can actually burn 200 extra calories a day without too much effort.

For starters, yoga is an ancient exercise that combines stretching and breathing with a focus on flexibility and strength to boost fitness and aid mental well-being. And if you wanted proof of that claim, then allow us to introduce Eileen Ash, who is 105 years old (not a typo) and has been doing yoga for 30 years, which she says helps her brain and body to stay active and healthy. Clearly, there's something in this yoga thing that not only helps our bodies but our minds too.

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