Skin Experts Are Excited About This Acne-Fighting Ingredient, So We Are Too



In recent years, the rise in cases of adult acne has been likened to an epidemic. More and more adults (mostly thanks to stress wreaking havoc with hormones) are having to deal with teenage skin long after blowing the candles out on that 19th birthday cake. Whether you’ve tried tweaking your diet (have you tried giving up dairy yet?) or switching up your skincare routine, it’s a really tricky skin issue to fix because the causes and fixes vary so wildly from person to person. In short, when it comes to acne, we’re still after the miracle cure. So when we heard that two highly respected dermatologists mentioned the same spot-fighting ingredient within weeks of each other, our ears pricked up. Especially because it’s not one we’ve heard batted about before. Besides, who could forget a catchy name like spironolactone?