If Your Skin Is Always Dry or Dehydrated You Need to get to Know This Ingredient



It's usually the most complicated, exotic and otherworldly sounding ingredients that get us the most excited. Of course, we know rationally that a long name doesn't equate to results but our minds like to think they do. However, there's one hardworking sleeper ingredient that's here to prove us wrong and that's glycerin. 

When we think of moisture boosters in skincare, we immediately think of hyaluronic acid, but you can consider glycerin its less glamorous but highly effective sister. It's probably already hiding out in some of the products you use too, so now is the time to get acquainted with it. To give you the full lowdown on what glycerin is, we spoke with cosmetic scientist Rachael Polowyj MSc, so you can reap all of this ingredient's benefits. 

What is glycerin? 

We know that your skincare dictionary is already bursting at the seams but trust us, this is one that you need to save and file. 

"Glycerin works as an humectant, it attracts moisture from the air into the stratum corneum (top layer of skin) and due to its low molecular weight, will continue to draw moisture to the deeper layers of the dermis. It has a molecular weight of approximately 92 g/mol which means it is able to penetrate deep into the skin," Polowyj explains. 

That's where the magic happens, so you don't get the product just sitting on the skin and glycerin can get to where its needed, to replenish the moisture that your skin loses.

Why do I need it in my skincare routine? 

There's a lot of things you need in your routine to keep your skin in tip top shape and we're advocating for glycerin to be one of them.

You're probably already using it in some of your products, but if you're not then Polowyj makes a case for it, "cosmetic chemists will use it in most formulations because of how effective it is in terms of moisturising." When you're battling with dry, dehydrated or cracked skin you'll take some added moisture wherever you can get it. 

She adds that "it’s used a lot in pharmaceutical creams, promoted by doctors to treat extreme dryness and repair skin elasticity. It keeps your skin soft, supple and hydrated which is essential as we use harsh soapy products which strip away our natural oils." 

Supple skin? Sign us up. 

What type of products can I find it in? 

Glycerin really doesn't discriminate when it comes to its usage in skincare, as everything can benefit from a healthy dose of it. So it can be added into every single step of your routine and if your skin needs some more moisture it can be the deciding factor.

"It's one of the most commonly used raw materials in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and in chemistry, glycerin is the basic backbone of most essential lipids, which are oils found within your skin, so it has a great affinity to the skin," says Polowyj. As a result, you'll see it as an ingredient in a lot of skincare products, especially in moisturisers, cleansers and serums. It's an easy and quickfire way to get super smooth and moisturised skin without needing a separate product. 

Where in the ingredients list will I see it? 

First of all, ingredients lists aren't that easy to navigate. They can be a game changer in making sure your products are working hard for you though. Polowyj explains, "ingredients lists work by having the most commonly used material at the top and the lowest used material listed at the bottom."

So, when you're looking for key actives you'll want them to be nearer the top but for glycerin you might need to look a little further down, as "it can be quite a sticky material so you don’t want to see it too high up on the ingredients list as it will affect the way the product feels. Generally speaking, it’s ideal to see it around the third or fourth ingredient down, with a typical usage level of 10%," Polowyj explains.  

Now you're an expert on the merits of this super ingredient for parched skin, we've found six products with glycerin in for you to try out.