We Guarantee This Is the Most Fun You'll Ever Have Getting Fit



While I can happily spend hours in meditation and delve deep into my subconscious mind, but I've always faced a block when it comes to moving my body, a disconnection. Whether it's a HIIT class or spinning, I've felt good afterwards, but during the class, I always felt like I was subjecting myself to some sort of punishment. Over time, I started to equate movement with suffering. Not ideal.

I wanted to get back in tune with my body again, but I was really neglecting it because I just couldn't find my thing. So I took the pressure off and started to think about what I actually liked to do and that was dancing. Not the choreographed, "follow each move" kind of dance, though—the free-flowing "dance like no one is watching" kind. As with the start of every new journey, I created a playlist filled with songs that I could move to.

I set my timer for 30 minutes, took my trainers off and danced by myself in my bedroom. In no set or defined way, I just allowed my body to do what felt good. The timer went off, but I kept going. I was building up a sweat, but most importantly, I was enjoying every single moment of it. It was giving me the same spiritual high that I have after engaging in one of my alternative wellness rituals, and I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was dancing in this incredibly freeing way nearly every day.

I'm not the only one either as ecstatic dance has become a movement and a community. To find out more, I had a chat with Donna Carroll, creator and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland, which now has a location in the UK.