Cyclical Living Could Be the Answer to Your Hormonal Acne

It's no secret that during different phases of our menstrual cycle, we look and feel different. Thanks to hormonal changes throughout the month, everything from our mood and skin to our hair and weight can fluctuate. Enter: a new way to deal with everything from PMS to anxiety and hormonal acne. Say hello to the life-changing power of cyclical living.

So what is cyclical living, and how do we do it? Well, we first heard of the term from Charlotte Ferguson, founder of Disciple Skincare. In a recent interview, she explained that she's a big believer in cyclical living, which, in a general sense, is the idea that you harness the phases of your menstrual cycle and adapt your lifestyle to suit.

"Let's face it: Sometimes life is really, really stressful, and there isn't much we can do about it," she told us. "Instead of being a slave to your menstrual cycle, you can really harness the power of it. For example, I now know that in the luteal phase, I have no energy, get irritated and want to sleep a lot. So during this week, I'll avoid family things and won't book in any drinks with friends. I'll just do a chilled yoga class and download a load of films I've been meaning to watch. This really helps me feel less anxious.

"Then, in my follicular phase, I know I'll have more energy and openness, so I'll maybe try that new gym class and meet up with an old friend for a drink. Working with your hormones is super important for good mental health, and everyone can do it. It costs nothing, and there are tons of resources, apps and evidence-based research papers online to help."

Sounds good, right? We've done some deep diving into cyclical living and created a handy guide for you to follow.