These Wet-Look Hairstyles Will Make You Rethink Your Gel Phobia

When it comes to party-appropriate hair, the wet-look finish is something that rears its glossy head year after year. But have we actually bitten the proverbial bullet? Have we dunked our hands into pots of slimy hair gel and offered our hair up to the wet-look gods? No, of course we haven't because we. Are. Wimps.

But we can't just hang this phobia on a fear of gunky gel (and the rock-solid fallout, too), because unless you have super-long, super-straight hair, attempting wet look hair can be treacherous territory. Will you end up looking like some chic secret agent from spy film, or will you end up looking like a disheveled mess, blown in from a rainstorm? It's a hair roulette that we just haven't had the guts to spin. Well, not yet.

As scrupulous research into celebrity sightings of wet-look hair show, the style doesn't just work, but it looks pretty incredible on all sorts of hair textures, types and lengths. Let us present the evidence that proves it—keep scrolling to see seven wet-look hairstyles that will have you desperate to dunk your head into a vat of hair gel.