13 Wellness Bloggers Who Will Seriously Inspire You to Get Fit

The world of wellness has exploded in recent years. As a rule, we've all become much more aware of what we're doing with our bodies and minds. Whether that's the kind of food we're putting in our mouths, mindfulness or exercise, we're taking care of ourselves better than ever before. Part of this trend has been due to the wealth of wellness bloggers who have amassed huge followings on Instagram, thanks to their tips on working out, eating better or just generally being good to yourself. We're a big fan of so many, it was hard to narrow down our favourites, but here we've selected some of the best wellness bloggers around. Some offer up new and exciting fitness tips, ways to eat better or, if we're being completely honest, just have incredible bodies that give us the inspiration to hit the gym more. Click through our gallery of 14 wellness bloggers who will seriously inspire you to get fit.