The Bad-for-You Ingredient That's Great for Your Hair

Okay, so everyone keeps going on about how terrible sugar is for us. While it tastes so good (seriously a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough is like kryptonite to my healthy diet), it isn’t great for your skin, your waistline or your health. But sugar isn’t all bad. It’s great for your hair. Keep scrolling to find out why…


Sugar adds texture but doesn’t dry out your tresses like salt does. Instead, it moisturises the hair so the result is the texture of a salt spray but minus the dryness and lack of shine. Result. While sugar sprays are pretty new to us, hairstylists have been using them for years to add texture and retain softness in drier and thicker hair types (anyone with fine hair may still prefer the volumising benefits of a good old salt spray).

This sugar spray does exactly what a sugar spray should: It imparts texture without sacrificing shine and the hair still feels soft. It smells subtly like fruit, so it helps to refresh day old-hair too.

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Opening Image: Zara