Some Expert Words of Wisdom to Lift You From Your Health Regimen Rut



We've all been there: You finally feel like you're conquering your health regimen. You're actually showing up to all your spin classes, have found a way to weasel more healthy foods into your diet and you're starting to feel really energetic. But then that rut hits and your weight loss motivation plummets. Your progress seems to slow and try as you might, you just can't get your mind back on track. Your goals, whether they're focussed on improving your fitness, upping your wellness game or maintaining some healthy weight loss, seem further away than ever before.

What you need now is a good old fashioned pep talk. But because we know that none of us are particularly good at providing words of wisdom to ourselves, we've asked NASM personal trainer and fitness expert Jaime McFaden to share hers. So, if you're struggling to get back into a fitness routine or have started to see your weight plateau and want to reboot it, keep scrolling for Jaime's best motivational advice that will get your head back in the game.