This Is the #1 Wedding Hairstyle If You Don’t Like Updos

Hands up, who hates fussy wedding hairstyles? Yep, we thought that might be the case, and you're not alone. More than ever, people are veering away from the cookie-cutter type bridal looks, and not just when it comes to their gowns. In fact, it's with everything. At this season's Bridal Fashion Week, the trend was pared-back makeup with loose hairstyles that were effortless and stylish. Instead, hair accessories adorned chic long hairstyles—be it boho or blow-dried tresses.

But while that's all useful information, when you're hunting down your ultimate bridal look, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the other ideas out there. However, if you're truly stuck on where to start, we've done a lot of the hard work for you, with our pick of some of the coolest long hairstyles for brides right now. So, allow us to be your Personal Pinterest Curator™ and organise some of chicest long bridal hairstyles around. Keep scrolling to see the best long hairstyles for weddings, and shop some of the looks.

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Opening Images: Valentine NYC