The Secret to Great Skin? Taking the "Alphabet Approach"



Most of us take a daily multivitamin (okay, try to remember to take a multivitamin), but if you want great skin, you need to think getting them in your skincare regimen and making sure your diet's packed full of them, too. Vitamins aren't just to ward off a cold—they can offer protection against pollution, repair free-radical damage and help combat fine lines and wrinkles. Essentially, if you name a skin problem, there's a vitamin for that. Taking a two-pronged approach with both products and diet will give you a double-shot of natural nutrient goodness and help give you the healthy, glowing skin of your dreams.

Of course, there are innumerable vitamins for skin out there, and even more products all vying for space in your bathroom cabinet. Knowing which vitamins your skin needs and in what concentrations can be something of a minefield, so we've enlisted a few pros to help you navigate it all. Maryam Zamani, MD, is a leading aesthetic doctor whose academic credentials show she means business, and Debbie Thomas is a skincare expert with a keen understanding of how what we eat affects how we look (and a buzzing London clinic to boot). Shona Wilkinson, CCN, is a nutritionist who trains other nutritionists, so she knows a thing or two about how to eat right for life.

Scroll down for their top tips on which vitamins to load up on and where to find them, from serums to sweet potatoes.