Yes, We’re Still Banging on About This Vitamin, But It's Because It's So Good



Is it that our skin is duller than ever due to pollution, sun damage and blue light penetrating our pores (anyone else thinking of switching back to a Nokia 3310?), or is it because we love the idea of a wonder ingredient? Let’s not lie—it’s probably a bit of both, and coming to the rescue right now is the humble vitamin C. Pop a cape on that Satsuma and call it a superhero.

Seriously, the past 12 months have seen a massive influx of new beauty products containing the juicy nutrient (Mintel states that 23% of the vitamin C products out there were launched last year), while Pinterest searches for vitamin C serums are up 3379%, which is insane. One of the reasons we’re doey-eyed about the vitamin, according to Dan Isaacs, formulation and development director at Medik8, is because it’s one of the only ingredients (alongside retinoids and sunscreen) that has masses of clinical data to back up its claims.