This Is What Happened When I Worked Out Like a Victoria's Secret Angel

It's a bit controversial, but whether you love the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show or not, there's no question that the models have incredibly fit and toned physiques. They work out hard pre-show, endure gruelling workouts to tighten and tone every single muscle in their bodies before taking to the catwalk in their underwear. Though the VS Fashion Show could definitely do with a hefty injection of diversity adding to it, we must say that the models who do walk in the show are at the top of their fitness game.

If you search YouTube for "Victoria's Secret workout," you'll find tons of videos of gym routines and workouts all promising to give you the body of Bella Hadid and Candice Swanepoel. Some of the models have even taken to starting their own YouTube channels to show off their workouts and give people a glimpse into what it takes to train like a VS Angel. And whilst I'm not dedicated enough to ever get the body of a Victoria's Secret model, I did wonder what would happen if I were to try every VS workout I could find. Would my fitness actually improve? Would I tone up or slim down, or would I see zero results in return?

Find a rundown of all the workouts I tried (including the ones that worked and the ones that nearly killed me) below…