The ONE Genius Trick to Getting Victoria’s Secret Waves at Home

Though the world might be buzzing about the bedazzled bras marching down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night, we couldn’t help but be entranced by another signature Angel accessory: namely, their big, glamorous waves. Lead stylist Akki Shirakawa used ghd’s Curve Classic Curl Iron ($245) and Curve Soft Curl Iron ($245) to create soft, undone waves with lots of volume. After curling sections of hair in varying degrees of sizes and thickness, the stylists blasted the curls with the brand’s Air Hairdryer ($225) to break up the curls and add more texture.

We spoke with ghd’s brand ambassador, David Babaii, and begged him to spill his advice on recreating Angel-esque bombshell waves at home. Turns out, there’s one simple technique that changes everything: Babaii says to leave out at least three inches of ends when you curl your hair. “When you release your hair from the wand, pull the ends down gently,” he shares. “This gives a longer, more lived-in wave.”

If you want a rougher texture, Babaii says you can flip your head upside down and shake your roots gently with the tips of your fingers. Flip your head up, then pull out larger chunks and sections (about 1.5 inches), pinching the ends, then sliding them upwards while still holding the ends taut (sort of like this, we imagine). “The result will be a very fluffy, frothy texture,” he promises. Who knew glamorous VS Angel waves were just a shake and a slide away?

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