No Bullsh*t—VS Models Tell Us What They Really, Truly Eat in a Day

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimised by a celebrity's diet. I have on two separate occasions: once by Bella Hadid, the second time by Emily Ratajkowski. Both claim to rarely work out (Hadid does a bit of running when she's in the mood while Ratajkowski just skips it), but coupled with their supposedly gym-free life is a troubling amount of carbs and dairy—or should I say troubling for me because if I ate said diet, they'd have to roll me out of my apartment building à la Violet Beauregarde.

"My diet is pizza," Hadid told WWD. "Or burgers, French fries, grilled cheeses." Ratajkowski's diet isn't nearly as crafted from a mall food court as Hadid's, but she says she starts the day with a pastry, eats a lot of meat, salad, and always goes out for dinner. Not too bad, but I'm still stuck on the no-gym thing. What?

I have a very unscientific psychological explanation for all of this: My theory is that celebrities feel they will sound more relatable if they don't reveal their actual strict diet and fitness regimens. But this perpetuates the body image issue women face on a daily basis: Seeing Bella's lithe figure only to learn that she maintains it with pizza and grease is entirely unrelatable and frustrating.

If anything, it's admirable to learn about a model's discipline in the gym and dedication to healthy eating—in fact, it's motivating. Playing devil's advocate, maybe these models really are genetically blessed and can bypass the gym like I (try to) bypass the bread they so easily consume. But no matter how you spin it, it's discouraging.

When I recently got the opportunity to interview two models myself (Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver of Victoria's Secret fame) at the launch of VS's new fragrance, Bombshell Summer (available in the U.S. now), I decided to take the opportunity to glean their honest-to-goodness diet and fitness regimens—no BS allowed. Though, quite honestly, they wouldn't have given me false answers even if I'd asked for them. When I told them both how annoyed I get when celebrities say they don't work out, Skriver quickly retorted, "That's such a myth." Sharing similar sentiments, Maxwell said, "We have to."

Below, learn how each girl stays in such amazing shape year-round.