Victoria's Secret Is Revamping the Body Mists of Your Youth

How much teenage angst does the sight of that bottle evoke for you? Prepare to feel just a touch moodier: Victoria's Secret has announced that its iconic line of Fantasies Fragrance body mists is in for a major overhaul. (And in the true spirit of our pubescent years, we're feeling emotionally confused.)

Mark Knitowski, VP of product development for the company, tells that in addition to reformulating and relabeling classic scents like Love Spell, Vanilla Lace, and Aqua Kiss for a maturer consumer, VS is now encouraging customers to test, layer, and mix and match scents for their own custom blend while in stores. (The three-for-$30 price tag is meant to inspire this as well.)



Victoria's Secret

While we're not quite sure how different the new Love Spell is from the one we doused ourselves in at age 14, it's definitely worth checking out the rainbow of scents available in stores or on—especially in the spirit of #WBW.

Are you excited or mad about these scent makeovers? What was your VS scent of choice back in the day? Sound off below!