The 15 Most Iconic Hairstyles From Victoria Beckham's Beauty Archive

Not many people can make the transition from pop star to international fashion designer as effortlessly as Victoria Beckham has. We like to think that her hair has played a part in her success. After all, she always seems to hit the mark by opting for the perfect style at the right moment in time. In fact, her hairstyles have defined the looks of past decades quite well. The proof? Most of us have tried to copy at least one of her haircuts, and that's the very definition of being a trendsetter. We've gone back through Beckham's best looks (with "Viva Forever" playing in the background, of course), and while some of them might not be in your own hair repertoire anytime soon, we're pretty certain there will be at least one VB look you'd like to bring back. We're also sharing our expert hair product recommendations with you.