How to Hide Tired Eyes Like Victoria Beckham

We know you're already obsessed with Victoria Beckham's Estée Lauder range—who wouldn't be? But did you know the designer also swears by another beauty product to helps her look wide awake when she's feeling a bit tired? The fashion icon revealed that there's one item she can't do without, and it gives her the brightest-looking eyes, even if she's been up all night. And her reasoning for using this is all down to the fact that she's got four kids. She's a smart woman, that VB. In a chat with British Vogue, in which she revealed everything she keeps in her handbag, the former pop star said she swears by a brand of eyedrops from Japan, as she never gets enough sleep.  

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In the short clip, the designer revealed she has a lot of stuff in her bag, as you never know what you might need. For example, she has crystals in her bag that she believes helps her feel more positive because she has "no time for anything negative." While she also says she doesn't go anywhere without her phone (that's how she keeps her family with her), she also says she can't travel without her beauty products, including those aforementioned eyedrops.

But what other beauty products does she always have on her? In order, here are the items VB can't do without: moisturiser, hand cream, lipstick, fragrance, and lipstick. She also has one of her new products, Morning Aura (£68), in her handbag. It's a sort of moisturiser-meets-primer that tightens skin as well as making it dewy (you can read our review of it right here). 

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