Yes, Burning Your Hair Is Now a Thing

If there's one thing Brazilians know best (besides socccer), it's beauty, specifically of the hair variety. There's a style of wax named after them, after all, along with a blowout, and then there's the whole keratin frenzy. So when a hair-related trend originates in Brazil, it's sure to catch fire (pun majorly intended with this one). The latest Brazilian hair trend to gain attention is called velaterapia, and it involves twisting sections of your hair and holding a flaming candle up to them to burn off split ends! (Insert scream emoji here). Even with the Brazilian association and thus sort of the inherent stamp of approval, something as scary and seemingly dangerous as this could be easily written off, but it's been officially endorsed by Victoria's Secret supermodel and Brazilian hair goddess Alessandra Ambrosio. Ambrosio shared an Instagram picture of herself undergoing velaterapia, which is supposed to cauterize frizzy, broken split ends to leave hair smoother and shinier than ever. Business Insider reports that it has been popular in Brazil since the 1960s and that the whole process takes between two and three hours. If you search velaterapia on Instagram, there are thousands of photos showing people undergoing the treatment and the results afterward. Though Ambrosio certainly has the glossy, gorgeous hair to make this look vaguely appealing, we're mostly just terrified at the site of a burning flame near human hair.

For a much safer alternative, try a deep-conditioning hair mask.

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