Turns Out This Diet's Just as Calorie-Burning (and Healthy) as the Mediterranean


Stocksy/Alberto Bogo

new study has found that the vegetarian diet is just as good for weight loss as the über-healthy Mediterranean diet. And the vegetarian diet was actually more effective at lowering LDL cholesterol, the "bad" cholesterol. We know: There are so many ways so many diets and methods out there that it can get a bit exhausting. But a vegetarian diet is increasingly becoming one to consider since it's also been proven to help you burn twice as many calories as other diets.

For those who still turn their noses up at the vegetarian diet, being veggie is totally different these days. For a start, there are so many more veggie options, and there are some amazing recipes—not to mention restaurants—that cater to this diet. Want to know how it can help you lose weight, plus the best recipes to follow? Here's a super-quick download on the vegetarian diet.