What Going Vegan Did for My Skin and Hair


Urban Outfitters

When I went vegan about five years ago, one of the side effects that spurred me through the tough transition period was the almost immediate effect it had on my skin. Within weeks, my complexion brightened and cleared, to the point that I tossed out the foundation I was used to slathering on. My hair would take a little more time, but over the months, it became visibly stronger and shinier.

Still, the most significant change for me wasn't the transformation I was seeing in the mirror, but in my approach to my routine. I found that by paying such close attention to everything that went into my body, that discerning eye began to wander elsewhere: As I learned about the benefits of certain ingredients I was eating, I wanted to learn more about their external impact, too. I began reading labels and choosing cleaner products; I started to devote as much love and care to my skin as I did to my meals. The process has been long but completely organic, and it's ongoing to this day.

Superficially speaking, the immediate effect of my new diet that I noticed on my skin and hair have only been bolstered and amplified by the special consideration I now take in my beauty routine. My skin and hair have never looked better, and more importantly, I truly love taking the time to care for myself in every respect. But how have my hair and skin benefited from going vegan specifically? Let me count the ways: