The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Going Vegan (by One Editor Who Did)

When asked if I could do a vegan diet for a week, I considered my average diet of animal products: Four poached eggs, seven bowls of yoghurt and honey, and a sprinkling of cheddar on a bowl of pasta is probably the bare minimum I get through. And that’s before I’ve even mentioned the chicken and fish also in my diet, plus the occasional burger—even if that is in moderation. However, when I was handed a challenge to see if I could be vegan for a week, I foolishly (no idea why) believed that I could do it with no problem.

I took on the task, as I was considering being vegetarian for environmental reasons anyway, and I felt constantly bloated with an often (sorry, TMI warning, guys) rather out-of-whack bowel movement—i.e. I wasn't regular, and I was fed up of it. While I wasn't sure if going vegan was going to cure me of this, I believed that paring back my diet and cutting out a few foodstuffs that are often associated with bloating would help. And boy, did it help. But before I get to that, it's important to start at the beginning and how I started my vegan journey.

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