The Vegan Beauty Brands You Didn't Realise Were Vegan

When World Vegan Day reared its head a few months ago, I set myself a challenge: To go completely vegan with my beauty routine (sorry, I love cheese too much to overhaul my diet) for a week. I had an inkling it would be hard. Let's face it: I've somehow managed to make a career out of trying beauty products and have grown dependent on the formulas I know and love.

I had visions of having to completely swipe everything from my dressing table and start from the ground up, replacing all my favourite products with "lesser" vegan alternatives. I was scared that my curls wouldn't cope with a new shampoo and had basically written off my chances of ever being able to buff together my signature copper-toned eye—vegan makeup just doesn't have the same pigment payoff, right?

Wrong. As you'll find out, should you read the diary of my week as a beauty vegan, I was hugely mistaken. As it turns out, while I wasn't paying full attention, the vegan beauty world grew massively. Not only are there now a host of cool—yes, cool!—new vegan brands, but what also surprised me was that a lot of the products that had already won my heart and a place in my tight-knit regimen were closet vegans.

Even more surprising still is that nothing sucked. There are actually so many vegan beauty brands and products out there that are just as good as their non-vegan counterparts. It's safe to say that it's never been easier to be vegan in the beauty world.

If you're embarking on Veganuary, are already vegan, or want to make a few swaps, I've compiled a list of the best vegan beauty brands that you probably didn't even realise were vegan. I wonder if you'll be as surprised as I was.