Urban Outfitters Has Launched a Beauty Brand, and You'll Want It All

Urban Outfitters has long been one of my top five all-time favourite retailers. From my university days (and obsession with the mesh tops) to my current love for its jeans, it's just one of those stores that grow with you. Now that it's launched a beauty line, chances are I'll be shopping there even more now.

The collection is called Ohii (adorable, right?) and is available now both in store and online. It features 14 products ranging from lip gloss to natural deodorant. It's everything you'd expect from an Urban Outfitters beauty range: it's cute and playful yet effortlessly chic. We decided to test out the makeup products because here at Byrdie UK, we're magpies when it comes to a jewelled eye-shadow palette. Keep scrolling to hear our thoughts.

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