5 Unexpected Uses for Your Favourite Urban Decay Products



The very essence of makeup is about having fun and playing dress-up. So why is it that we’ll often take a product’s name as gospel and be very well-behaved, using lipstick just on lips or eye shadow only on eyes? Sometimes you need to colour outside the lines (or on another part of the body entirely). Urban Decay co-founder Wende Zomnir agrees, which is why she has revealed five unexpected uses for your makeup products, including a way to actually fill in your fine lines (genius!). Still not convinced? Then know this: Pat McGrath used lipstick at the S/S 17 Anna Sui show to create blown-out burgundy smoky eyes, so if Zomnir and McGrath say it’s time to throw out the rule book, consider that book binned. Keep scrolling to find out how to get experimental with some of your favourite Urban Decay products…