Urban Decay Is Launching Skincare—and It Actually Makes Perfect Sense

I’m not one to shy away from the truth: When it comes to makeup brands tackling skincare and vice versa I’m pretty sceptical. But Urban Decay has totally won me over with its Meltdown and Rehab collections that launched today (and which I figure are named as such because you have to go into meltdown before you go to rehab…?).

So what makes this skincare line so good? The key is that they are designed for the core Urban Decay customer, in other words: makeup lovers. Essentially, these products give your skin some much-needed TLC when you take your makeup off and prep it for an easier and more effective makeup application next time. There are seven products launching today, with two more coming later (the oxygenated bubble mask and a moisturising eye roller). Keep scrolling for our take on all the new Urban Decay Rehab products you can snap up now.