How to Look Slimmer Without Actually Losing Weight

It seems like a hoax, right? No, we're not trying to sell you a waist trainer or some sort of Spanx for your midsection to feign being thin. Instead, this "secret" is an actual exercise routine that strengthens your body but in the process also helps create a longer, leaner figure. The areas in question that you need to start focusing on: your back and shoulders.

Kind spokesperson and Strong Is the New Skinny author Jennifer Cohen says that focusing on these areas of the body helps create a "V-shaped" back that creates the illusion that you've shed "10 to 15 pounds." More importantly, working out these areas builds strength and tones your upper body—something that should be added to your daily routine anyway.

Cohen adds that many women neglect this area of the body because they focus on “doing the things they’re good at or comfortable with” or the exercise that most affects the areas visible in the mirror head-on. Looks like we're going to start adding "back day" in addition to "leg day" and "abs day" in our weekly schedule.

To learn how to do some of Cohen's favourite back moves, check out this article on Yahoo Health, and grab a Spri Super Band ($36) for your workout.

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