The Coolest Updo Ideas for Short Hair

It's a common misconception that updos for short hair are a rare breed. Sure, you might not be able to achieve a super-long, flowing high pony or thick, bountiful, wrapped-around topknot with your shorter strands, but that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to a life of wearing your hair down.

As we're about to prove by way of a whole heap of updo inspiration, there are approximately a gazillion (or thereabouts) ways to wear your short hair up—which will come as great news if your Christmas party is right around the corner or you're just looking for something to extend your hairstyle repertoire. From curly loose buns to retro sculpted quiffs via tight and neat chignons, keep scrolling as we call upon a lineup of short-haired celebrities to prove that there's just so much that can be done with short hair.