These Easy Updo Hairstyles Will See You Through Every Occasion


Taylor Hill/Getty

It's so easy to get sucked into the routine of only wearing your hair in the same style. Either wearing it down or in a low ponytail and occasionally shimmying between straight and curly to switch it up. Our hair becomes a uniform in the same way that our wardrobes are usually just clones of the same two pieces. But if there's anything that can get you out of a style rut, it's an updo.

Updos aren't the easiest (or quickest) of hairstyles to get right, right? Well, we're here to dispel that common misconception having found some incredible—and incredibly easy—updo hairstyles you can re-create in under five minutes. Yes, whether you're getting ready at your desk or at home (and you spent a little too long in the bath or watching whichever Netflix series you love right now), you can rely on these styles to get you out the door fast. From messy buns to chic ponytails, there are plenty of options to choose from.