This Is Quite Possibly the Best Tip We've Heard for Longer-Lasting Foundation

We imagine the mind of a makeup artist must swirl with brightly coloured lipsticks and creamy (but never cakey) foundations, shiny glosses and powdery shadows, crisscrossing and intertwining into a kaleidoscope of shimmering colours. Hence the word “artist” in their moniker.

Happily, makeup artists tend to be a generous bunch, happily sharing their trade secrets with those less brush-adept (aka never-satiated beauty editors). And like eager disciples, we lap up the wisdom, taking careful notes and even tentatively trying out their teachings on our own—albeit in the safety of our own bathrooms and not on an A-list celebrity, thankfully.

Curious what this wisdom might consist of? We’ve got 11 perfect examples for you ahead. These are things that makeup artists have revealed to us they do—things that that we—in our blithe naiveté—had never even considered. Suffice to say our lives have changed for the better since learning them. Keep scrolling to learn from the masters.